Children, Youth, and Families at Risk (CYFAR)

Colorado State University Extension is working across the lifespan in the context of the family and community to assure that critical needs of children and families are met. Through our CYFAR initiative we are able to:

  • Support comprehensive, intensive, community based programs developed with active citizen participation in all phases.
  • Facilitate the development and maintenance of healthy environments that enable those at-risk to develop life skills necessary for contributing, fulfilling lives.
  • Build resiliency and protective factors in youth, families and communities.
  • Collaborate and form lasting partnership to achieve greater outcomes and to provide a support base for sustaining programs for those at risk.
  • Promote the use of technology to improve programs, provide access to education resources, and provide essential technological skills for youth and adults.

CYFAR is a national initiative funded by the United States Department of Agriculture National Institute for Food and Agriculture (USDA-NIFA).

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