Since 1991 states have been able to apply for CYFAR Sustainable Community Project funding through land grant universities and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Projects differ from state to state but the projects must meet the same goals and objectives of the national CYFAR project.

Currently, there is one Colorado CYFAR Sustainable Community Project. The Colorado Family Leadership Training Institute (FLTI) is a family civics program designed to help parents, youth, and community members develop skills to become effective leaders in their communities on behalf of children, youth and families. The central strategies of CO-FLTI are to

  • provide leadership/civics training for parents and family members
  • deliver a complementary youth training
  • provide continued program connections for FLTI alumni, and
  • build a network of partners ready to provide opportunities to engage family and youth voices.

These strategies where identified by community members and project partners in response to so few diverse family voices engaged in the decision making processes affecting their health and well-being. While parents, family members and youth are motivated to make positive changes, they sometimes lack the skills to enter public dialogue to make a difference. To address these needs and capitalize on the assets of families and youth, two community sites/neighborhoods have been identified in Colorado for implementation of this CO-FLTI model.

Project Sites

Please visit these pages to learn more about project sites

Denver County  Five Points FLTI Larimer County FLTI
Denver County Five Points FLTI Larimer County FLTI